Updated 9/5/05

If the eye is a window to the soul, then one's scribblings
must be the doorway.


This is my gallery of digital artwork -- I incorporate a lot of different elements into the mix - digital photography, fractal art, 3D rendering, and a little cutting/pasting here and there too. Let me know what you think. If you like the art on this page, try Scribble Dementia page two and page three as well.

BTW, the MIDIs on this page, and the second Scribble page -- they're called Dimension A and Dimension B, respectively. I'll let you try and figure out what the relevance of their names is.

(Note : 9/2005 - Most of my more recent artwork is on Renderosity nowadays. I also have a page on Deviantart, although I don't use that one as much.


This one developed over the course of a few months -- I was listening to V by Symphony X, which deals with Atlantis, among other things. That led me to thinking about where Atlantis really could be. So I did some research on the web. And this picture was the end result of that. It's called Antarctican Archaeological Dig. [another thumbnail pic]

Antarctican Archaeological Dig


This one is called Swimming In The Mind's Eye. I did it over a period of a week in January. I was kind of going through a graffiti/cave art/subliminal message sort of stage at the time. It's sort of big, so I'm including a thumbnail. Click on it to see the original size.

Swimming In The Mind's Eye


I did this at the tail end of December and the beginning of January - it was kind of inspired subconsciously by the Dave Mackean cover to the Dream Theater album, Scenes From A Memory. I wasn't intending it to be in that style at the time, but it kind of evolved that way. This is called Still-Life & Morticians, by the way. The text ain't mine - it was captured in an AOL chat room. It seemed to fit in, though. I might do a bigger version of this -- it's a tricky process enlarging images, though.

Still-Life & Morticians


This is a strange one - I call it I Saw A Strange Face In The Window. I've been tinkering with it for a few months now. It started off as a Poser render, but after mucking around with it in a 2D program, very little of the original render is left. This one is also sort of big, so I'm including a thumbnail to cut back on loading time.

I Saw A Strange Face In The Window I Saw A Strange Face In The Window (Revisited)


This is brand new [11/00]. I call it A Mind Beside Itself, named after the Dream Theater three-part song from about six or seven years ago. I thought the name fit the piece very well. I've been tinkering with this one for about three months -- that's why there are so many "layers" to it. Parts of this were done in Poser, although I assembled it using Paintshop Pro, and did a lot of post-render processing on it as well.

A Mind Beside Itself


Another picture done using Poser, Paintshop Pro, and a ton of plugins. (The model used for this picture is the same one in Coffee Hallucination below, BTW.)



This is something I did very recently. I posted it over on Renderosity, and it got a very good response. [Of course, my idea of a good response is people emailing me saying "that's the strangest thing I've ever seen in my life" or "what drugs were you on when you did that?"] It was done using Poser, Bryce, Painter, Paintshop Pro, and a whole bunch of plug-in filters. (I call it Underwater Gingerbread Puzzle Pieces by the way.)

Underwater Gingerbread Puzzle Pieces


This is a weird one. I call it Phantom In The Promenade. Look carefully, and you might catch the relevance of the name.

Phantom In The Promenade



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